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Reliable, human-centered support in aliging your values with your actions. 

If you...

  • you have a vision of where you want to but are feeling frustrated/stuck/uncertain because you don't know how to get there.

  • are feeling unsupported by constantly getting guidance that doesn't take into account your lifestyle, neuro-type, values, or belief system.

  • are craving guidance that is trauma-informed and goes as a pace that works for your nervous system.

Let's work together to help you reach your goals


During this signature experience, we work together to: 

  1. Gain clarity on the specific goals you're wanting to achieve.

  2. Examine what barriers might be in place that are preventing you from achieving these goals. This includes both internal and structural scales.

  3. Identify achievable pathways to work towards your goals that feel full of possibility, vitality, and care. 

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