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Map Therapy


A one-of-a-kind review process aimed to help you elevate the effectiveness of your maps.

If you…

  • feel undernourished by the feedback co-workers provide you on your maps.

  • are fatigued by the uncertainty of not knowing how to apply the design concepts from the books that scatter your shelves to your unique context.

  • are a self-taught map maker who tends to specialize in the technical aspects.

  • feel nervous and resistant when it comes time to share your maps with the world.


I created Map Therapy for you. 


During this signature experience, we work together to: 

  1. Gain clarity on the specific purpose and audience for your map.

  2. Co-create achievable production/revision plans that are mindful of your unique skillsets and preferred tools.

  3. Develop your conceptual understanding of not only the *what* of the recommended edits, but the *why* so you can incorporate them into your future projects.

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