AAG Advanced-Level Workshop Summer 2022

Mapping Mindfully

Community-Based Data Collection and Visualization Through a Trauma-Aware Lens

Hello geographers! We'll use this webpage for all things related our Mapping Mindfully AAG Workshop. If you have any questions, please email me at amber@mapbosse.com

Schedule Overview (in Eastern time)

MONDAY 11am-12:30pm | AAG Welcome Session, Introduction to Trauma-Awareness

TUESDAY 12:00-2:00pm | Bringing Trauma-Awareness to Data and Visualization

WEDNESDAY Work day: Mapping Joy Project + Office Hours (hosted 12:00pm-7:00pm)

THURSDAY 12:00-2:00pm | Project Show & Tell, Final Reflections

FRIDAY 12:00-2:00pm | Bringing Trauma-Awareness to Communities

Detailed Daily Agenda


Synchronous 11am-12:30pm Eastern

AAG Welcome Session: Here students will meet with AAG staff and start to get to know one another. I as the instructor will not attend in order to make space for participants to focus on building connections with peers (one of the goals AAG has for these workshop series).


-Reflection Exercise: Respond to writing prompts exploring  your current understanding of trauma (15-30 minutes)

-Lecture: Listen to pre-recorded lecture: What is Trauma and Why Does it Matter to Research? (30 minutes)

-Mapping Assignment: Begin to brainstorm data features/attributes for Mapping Me assignment. While full instructions will be provided by Monday, the brief overview of the assignment is that you will be asked to make a dataset of places that are special to you. Once your dataset is approved, you will share it with another workshop participant who will be responsible for producing a map with it. In turn, you will be in responsible for mapping another participant's data. This will give us a taste of what it is like to be on both sides of the equation, both mapping and being mapped, when it comes to data that is tender. Maps do not have to be made using any particular approach/software/medium. They can be as straightforward or as creative as you'd like. You will be asked to pause and reflect on multiple stages of the experience. 


Synchronous 12:00pm-2:00pm Eastern

-Check-in: We’ll begin every synchronous meeting with an attunement exercise. For this first meeting of the full group, we'll also do introductions and establish a shared community container which we will engage for the remainder of the workshop.

-Small Group Discussion: This will be a time to discuss what come up during our reflections exercises from the previous day. 

-Lecture: To deepen our understanding of trauma, we’ll explore how such awareness applies specifically to the context of building relationships and working with communities. This discussion will span the many stages community-based work evolves through, from identifying collaborators and participants or establishing partnerships all the way to offboarding once the project is complete.


-Reflection Exercise 1: Respond to writing prompts exploring trauma in the context of your specific community-based project (15-30 minutes)

-Mapping Assignment: submit draft of Mapping Me data for review.

-Reflection Exercise 2: Respond to writing prompt exploring the experience of producing this dataset. (time varies)


Synchronous 12:00pm-2:00pm 


-Small Group Discussion

-Lecture: Having discussed the more interpersonal aspects of community-based work, we’ll extend the conversation to the specifics of data collection and visualization. We’ll explore the level of nuance and discernment that must be exercised in data management practices that capture community experience and ways consent and choice can be incorporated into workflows to promote safety and security for all involved. 

-Reflection Exercise:  Respond to writing prompts exploring trauma in the context of your specific plan for data collection, analysis, and visualization (15-30 minutes)

Mapping Assignment: Sign up for a dataset to map, establish contact with the creator of the dataset, and obtain data.

For those who do not have experience with GIS and would like to use it for this project, asynchronous video tutorials will be provided. 



Mapping Assignment: Allocate 1-2 hours visualizing the dataset you signed up to map. When finished, share the final map with the owner of the dataset. 

-Reflection Exercise: Respond to writing prompt exploring the experience of producing the map. Additionally, once you've received a finished map of your dataset, respond to writing prompts exploring the experiences of seeing your data visualized in this way. 

Note: For those who do not have experience with GIS and would like to use it for this project, asynchronous video tutorials will be provided. 


Synchronous 12:00pm-2:00pm 


-Show&Tell: This will be a time to show off the maps that were made and collectively reflect on the experience

-Customized Guidebook: To close out our time together we'll take time to reflect on all the concepts we've discussed and each create a personalized guidebook to guide our trauma-aware work

Office Hours

Click here to schedule a 15-minute meeting with me at any time throughout the week. Note that there are no open office hours, but only office hours by appointment. 

If you anticipate needing more than 15-minutes to get the support you need, please schedule two 15-minute meetings back to back (but please limit to 30 minutes of meeting time a day).

If there are not any times listed that match with your schedule, please send me an email (amber@mapbosse.com) naming the date you'd like to meet with 2-3 times that do work for your schedule, making sure to also note what time zone your listed times reflect. I will do my best to accommodate your schedule. 

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