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map therapy

if you…

  • feel undernourished by the feedback co-workers provide you on your maps

  • are fatigued by the uncertainty of not knowing how to apply the design concepts from the books that scatter your shelves to your unique context

  • are a self-taught map maker who tends to specialize in the technical aspects

  • feel nervous and resistant when it comes time to share your maps with the world


I created Map Therapy for you. 


During this signature experience, we work together to: 

  1. Gain clarity on the specific purpose and audience for your map

  2. Co-create achievable production/revision plans that are mindful of your unique skillsets and preferred tools

  3. Develop your conceptual understanding of not only the *what* of the recommended edits, but the *why* so you can incorporate them into your future projects

map therapy

if you...

  • are pursuing research in a community that has been historically marginalized

  • are developing community-based partnerships or service-learning projects

  • recognize that you hold privilege that your collaborators do not have access to

  • want to commit to reducing, resisting, and repairing harm within your community-serving work


Let's develop a trauma-informed training

curriculum to support your specific needs. 


At the core of most training, we come together to: 

  1. Develop a shared framework for the what, why, and how of trauma 

  2. Reflect on the scale of trauma and explore how it impacts our community-based work

  3. Explore how a trauma-informed lens can support the collection analysis, visualization, and management of community-based data

trauma-informed methods

trauma informed training

professional mentorship

if you...

  • Are craving connection that goes beyond the Slack channel/Tweet thread and generative conversations around your personal professional development 

  • Want guidance, feedback, and accountability on tasks and skills development (including materials for job applications, course syllabus, or presentation scripts)


I’m here to offer holistic support.


Over the years, I’ve helped mapmakers to:

  1. Confidently show up in a high-pressure professional experience including

    • Nailing that interview and getting multiple job offers

    • Negotiating a $20,000 raise 

    • Presenting to a room of 100+ people, 

  2. Prepare for their first time teaching a course, including developing:

    • Syllabus and grading schemes

    • High quality, evergreen assignments

    • Reading lists from a diverse range of authors and perspectives

professional mentoring



Whether you're in need of a map and don't know where to start and have a map but can't seem to get meaningful feedback on your work, we work together to get you where you want to be. 


I’m here to help you know how to best represent yourself, whether that’s in writing through professional documents or through speaking in from conference presentations to job interviews.

From readings lists to lab assignments, I provide guidance and support to help you build a mapping curriculum that is as technically rigorous and as it is critically informed. 


who i serve

“I'm interested! What are the next steps?”

To start, I invite you to schedule a free discovery call.


During this time, we will explore if we're a good fit for working together. I invite you to bring any and all questions as well as an openness to discuss your background and the areas you're seeking support in. In this call, you won’t be sold to or pressured in any way.


It truly is a time for us to connect and explore possible pathways forward. 


If we decided we’d like to work together, we continue the conversation and simply determine the scope and timeline of the work. I offer anything ranging from a 1-time session to a 6-month commitment. It all depends on your unique needs and goals. 

next steps

"What about pricing?"

I'm excited to share that I'm currently undergoing training around anti-capitalist pricing models that will help me set a clear and consistent pricing scheme for my services.

In the meantime, know that... 

I am absolutely committed to exploring pathways

that ensure you get the support you need. 

Whether you're...

-seeking support for yourself or for a group

-self-employed or working for a company worth billions

-looking for one-time or ongoing support

I invite you to connect with me to co-create a pricing model
that is life-affirming for all involved. 

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